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This could have been a very cool website...

- But I saved the money and made the website myself. The money are better spent on startups than on fancy web design!

Copenhagen United

We invest in early stage startups!


At Copenhagen United we want to create more succesfull startups! We achieve this by investing money (and time) in early stage startups!

We want to unite investors and entrepreneurs. We are based in Copenhagen, and focus most of our investments in the Scandinavian region.

Copenhagen United is the brainchild of Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, who wanted to scale up his seed investments by co-investing in startups together with members of his professional network. Copenhagen United is the new vehicle to make this happen.



I've been involved in startups since 1999. I focus on high potential start-ups, primarily within IT. I've cofounded Sepior, (encryption for cloud services), CodeSealer (anti-malware technology), Penneo (cloud-based electronic signature) and MotilityCount (home-test kit for male fertility). I'm also investor in Capdesk and until 2015 in Recon Instruments (sold to Intel)

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

I dedicate a significant part of my time to help other startups, via my employment as external lecturer at Copenhagen Business School where I teach entrepreneurship, and via pro-bono coaching and mentoring of other entrepreneurs. My educational background is a MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore, and an MSc in Marketing from Copenhagen Business School.

Rules of engagement:

- No bureaucracy

- No management fees

- No bullshit

Rules of engagement:


- No bureaucracy!

- No management fee!

- No salaries!